It’s On Like Donkey Kong

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A. Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat: 5 x 1+2, rest 2 min. 80% effort.
Keep speed quick and technique good over load!
B. Back Squat: 5 x 2 @ 50% 1RM, 10X0 tempo. One set every minute.
3 rounds:
10 Pullup+Toes to bar (1 pullup +1 T2B= 1 rep)
15 Clap Pushups


Prone scorpion:
Pick the toughest 2 variants for you, then perform a 30 sec hold on each side followed by 5L/5R dynamic switches. Repeat for the second variation.

Kneeling lunge to 90/90 hip to pigeon; once L once R

Eric completes his summer 2010 goals by completing the King Kong workout. Pretty amazing Eric and it was fun watching it happen! King Kong is 3 Rounds, 1 Deadlift at 455, 2 Muscle Ups, 3 Squat Cleans 250, 4 Handstand pushups. Eric, I hope you don’t mind, I took a few editing liberties to explain the benefits of this workout 🙂

15 Comments on “It’s On Like Donkey Kong”

  1. Can I bring in a model of the Empire State Building to climb and some remote control airplanes for Eric to swat at? I think a good intro for the video would have been Eric saying, “I give you… KONG!” Nice work, Eric.

  2. I need a T-shirt that says “I have Eric Winn envy.” Seriously, amazing job. And solid commentary XX.

  3. Nice job Eric! That was impressive to watch. Anybody know how that compares to others who have completed this workout? I am sure it is up there.

  4. Eric, I don’t know you personally, but I read your story on the forum earlier this summer, which led me to mention your name to one of my buddies at work who is a BIG Ducks football fan. He knew your name immediately, but funny thing…..his father-in-law was your baseball coach back in the day. Coach Mitch says HI!! He said you were a GREAT little league catcher (World Series, no less!!). I’m going to forward the King Kong clip to him! AWESOME job!

  5. Tami, I think the Eric in the Forum is actually Eric Aldred.
    But both very beastly and sic at Crossfit!

    Nice job, Eric!
    King Kong – check.

  6. Which Eric was in the Who’s Who on June 28th? Sure looks like the same Eric in the King Kong video today. I could swear he’s the Eric that often wears Oregon green.

    But I’ve been known to get confused….lol.

  7. Nice job Eric. Impressive list of goals.

    Today, couldn’t do much of the WOD. Bad shoulder, can’t get my right arm up very far, so no snatch or cleans for me. So,

    A. 5×5 75bs bent over barbell rows
    B. 2 rounds
    10 25lbs renegade rows
    15 clapping pushups
    C. 5×3 Squats @ 140lbs.

    then, 1 hour later
    A. 2k uphill hill run (to the top of Rocky Butte)
    B. 2 rounds, Stairs/70m sprint/stairs (down the stairs, back up to the top, around the top, another trip on the stairs)
    C. 4 rounds, 12 20″ bench jumps (benches at the top of Rocky Butte’s castle.)
    D. 1.5k downhill trail/road run (back down to the bottom of Rocky Butte).

  8. Nice work E-Dub. It’s not very many who hit the strength to weight proportions to do that workout.

  9. Thanks everybody, all the support definitely helped!

    Tami, that is definitely me, small world!

    I haven’t been able to download the video due to a bad connection from the road, but it looks like their is some solid voice over work there…

  10. Sorry Tami, I thought you were talking about the “Forum”, meaning the tab at the top of this website, where Eric A has a great post about his Crossfit journey as well!
    His story is under this post: Overtraining – the thin, invisible line between loss and gains.

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