Is the Precision Nutrition Pro Coach program for you?

Xi XiaNutrition

We’re just a day away from our pilot rollout of the Precision Nutrition Pro Coach software.

We’re accepting up to 20 people to be in our pilot cohort (and we’re about halfway full already!). The first month for the people in the pilot cohort will be free of charge, and one of them will be chosen at random to receive the full year of coaching for free. If you want to be part of that first cohort, you have until this Friday, the 8th of June to send Madoc an email committing to it.

You might still be wondering if jumping on this Pro Coach bandwagon is for you.

Pro Coach isn’t for you if:

You’re already at your ideal weight and you’re happy about it.

You already have established habits that contribute to your wellbeing, and you feel you don’t need to progress any further.

You’re not ready to commit to changing your habits.

You’re not willing to take the time necessary to make a long term change.

You’re unable to take the time for yourself.

Pro Coach is for you if:

You are ready, willing, and able to make a positive change.

You are willing to take the time necessary to really practice positive change.

You feel you could benefit from a well thought out and proven program.

You need help and guidance staying the course.

Is Pro Coach for you?

If you think that it is, and you’d like to be in the pilot cohort with a chance to receive the whole year of coaching for free, then send Madoc and email before 11:59PM this Friday, the 8th of June.