Indian Gymnastics?

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Today’s WOD is a good one from the main site. No excuses, we’ll see you here!

Oliver started a few weeks ago after On Ramp and every WOD, he goes after it like it was his last, no matter how long it takes. Awesome effort on “Elizabeth” on Saturday!

I walked into the gym this morning and Steph shared this zanny and amazing Indian gymnastic video. Check it out!

14 Comments on “Indian Gymnastics?”

  1. You seriously made me wait for the web site to update (“Let me check the main page on my iPhone.”), only for you to NOT post the work-out?


    Also, 6:30 PM will be listening to different music today.

  2. Also, there are so many comments to be made about that video. I don’t even know where to start!

  3. In retrospect, it was pretty poor decision making on my part to drive to Olympia right after today’s WOD…
    DUs- 68/55/63

  4. Is the mainsite WOD you speak of, “Tuesday 100817”? and is it going to make us end up in the hospital like those McMinniville football players? Why so mysterious?

  5. Accept it and move on J. As a “future leader”, try to be flexible đŸ™‚

    Btw, Eric goes for King Kong tonight at 6:30 pm

  6. As a future leader, I try to:

    1.) Drive clarity.
    2.) Execute flawlessly.


    And, with Mike’s prompting, I clicked on the video. My people sure do have some weird hobbies. And that second guy needs to slather himself in some Nair. And leave it on for 45 minutes.

    By the way, at 6:30 PM, Mike and I will be doing some unknown work-out.

  7. Any advanced warning on needing tall socks or knee pads would be awesome. Otherwise I’m fine with the mystery.

  8. Thomas, good an fair question. If there is ever need for tall socks, knee pads, forearm shivers, a helmet, cleats, another release of liability waiver, I will post the wod.

    I figure eye black should always be in your gym bag, so bring that without question.

    Come get it.

  9. J…I am agree with you. I think the second guy left some back hair on the pole. I would really hate to go after him. =)

  10. If there was pole work like that in this town, I would happily contribute a dollar a song. Sadly, there isn’t.

  11. I didn’t really think that video was all that impressive… But then again, I spent the whole weekend in Vegas, so I may have different perspective than most.

  12. Charge hard Oliver!

    Sorry to disappoint, I will not be making an appearance today. I spent all day yesterday fishing for tuna, and now have something like 100lbs of fish to process. I don’t think anyone would want me anywhere near them if I was sweating, given that I have basically been taking a shower in seawater and fish blood for the past two days.

    If anyone wants a couple of albacore medallions, or a 1/2 pint jar or two (or five) of fish, let me know. I kind of have alot.

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