I Started For Wonder Woman. Now, the Bar Is Set At She-Hulk.


Stacey’s been a member for more than 2+ years and recently decided to challenge herself with individual programming. She is currently one of my personal coaching clients.

We’re working on getting her stronger (of course), as well as improving her general movement ability and body composition.

A great deal of this work has included kettlebells, rings, and dumbbells. Rows, Presses, Turkish Get-ups, Ring Chin ups and flexed arm hangs are things that Stacey is now quite familiar with.

All of this work has some side effects. One of which is standing up with better posture. And developing some muscles.

Stacey had a recent PR and she describes it much better than I could 🙂

I began private training with Madoc in early September. I’m thinking I’ve got at least two more months to go. My goal setting included adding muscle and making strength gains, especially for overhead lifts.

The programming has been pretty hard so far – I’m not going to lie. It’s also been incredibly fun, doing movements and using gym toys that I’ve never used before. When I signed up for this, Wonder Woman was my ideal:

Yeah – she is pretty awesome lifting all that weight!

My programming contains lots of dumbbell work to increase shoulder strength, lats and all that good stuff. I mean lots. In my third week of programming I noticed my shirts were not fitting like they used to. And so, I texted Madoc. The exchange went something like this:

Me: Ummmm, I’m having some issues.
M: How so?
Me: All my shirts are insanely tight in the shoulders and arms. What is going on? Am I gaining weight?
M: Your lats and back are getting bigger.
Me: Ok. I guess that is a good thing.


One morning I was in Starbucks. I order my coffee and Mr. Barista keeps looking at my boobs and starts pointing at them. I’m thinking “pervert” and ready to hand his ass to him but turns out Mr. Barista was trying to tell me my blouse was unbuttoned. In a well, sort of, revealing way. (I left him a ginormous tip.)

Now I know I took good care to button my shirt. And I’ve worn this work blouse countless times. So what the heck was going on here? All day long the button in question kept popping open. Did my shirt shrink? Am I gaining weight?

A few days later, I grab one of my favorite work blouses. I get both arms in and notice it is also feeling tight. I button the blouse and throw my arms out to the side thinking I might stretch it. Instead, I’m shooting a button across the room. I’m thinking – I don’t need Wonder Woman magic bracelets or invisible plane. I HAVE SHOOTING BUTTONS! Sigh…

Gets better. I’m pretty pissed off by this point and give myself a bear hug as an attempt to loosen up the shirt. And this happens.

Why, that’d be the point at where the arm meets the back of the shirt. One. Big. Rip.

For the time being, I’m moving past Wonder Woman. I’m thinking She-Hulk might be the way to go, like the picture below. Right now I BELIEVE I’m about the third picture from the left. (Ha!) On my way to the last picture on the right. I just hope I don’t turn green.