Tami’s Journey to a Happier Self!

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We’ve all had our share of falling off the wagon. We get into the best shape of ourselves, we get a little too comfortable and a few months breeze by, and we are 10-20 lbs huskier than our clothes can fit.

This happened to Tami last winter and I wanted to share Tami’s journey from falling completely off to now pulling that wagon all by herself!

HTC 2013

I packed on a few extra pounds (who am I kidding…..SEVERAL extra pounds) last winter. Still taking 201 classes, I started to cut back on all of the treats I was allowing myself to eat. It was so frustrating to have a closet full of clothes that I couldn’t wear!

I decided to really focus on changing my body and getting back into my regular clothes, so I took it to the next level by signing up for Body Comp with Tia and ET. I got fantastic results doing 8 weeks of Body Comp training, but it was not a cake walk (pardon the sweet treat pun).

We did 3 ridiculously intense wods each week. I went home after every one and collapsed in an Epsom salt bath, but I was right back at it two days later. It was a lot of fun commiserating with Tia and ET about our shared pain.

I got back into my normal clothes and had really, really changed my body composition by doing the program, but it took a lot of work and dedication. Sean explained everything in detail before we started, and I followed the “rules” to the letter; no deviations.

  • I gave every wod 100% (all the while complaining my ass off).
  • I didn’t miss a single wod over the entire 8 weeks.
  • I didn’t do anything extra exercise-wise, as instructed by Sean.
  • I strictly followed the diet requirements.
  • Despite my incredibly poor eating habits over the winter, I do know how to eat properly and enjoy treats in moderation. I followed Sean’s nutrition guidelines very closely, and it helped me get back on track. Aside from the tough wods, I felt awesome!

    My next goal was to make sure I didn’t completely suck wind during HTC. I’m not able to just show up and run like I could 10-15 years ago.

    I need to do a bit (ok, A LOT) of preparation. I had less than 9 weeks to train, which is not optimal because I hadn’t run over 3 miles since HTC 2012. I achieved my Body Comp goals, but that training was not the best preparation for HTC.

    XX suggested the next step of my CrossFit evolution would be to try individual programming created for me by Madoc or Scott Hagnas. I knew I would be in good hands with either of them, but Madoc fit better into my budget, and he knows a lot about running and training for endurance races.

    Doing the Body Comp program was the first time I trained outside of the class environment at CrossFit. I never thought I’d be able to wod by myself because I really enjoy the social aspect of the group, but it wasn’t at all as bad as I imagined.

    In fact, the camaraderie among the other folks doing individual programming keeps it fun and motivating. Continuing with individual programming was an easy decision for me to make.

    In an initial session with Madoc, we went over my goals, and we discussed his recommendation for 9 weeks of training to get me prepared for HTC. He put me on a pretty intense strength and speed regimen of lifting, hill sprints, and track workouts. I did 4-5 wods per week. He also advised me about proper nutrition for the increased intensity of my training, and to maintain the success I had with Body Comp.

    During HTC, I ran a great 1st leg at a pretty good pace. It was actually one of the fastest 4 miles I’ve run in quite a long time. The thing I noticed most, besides the speed, was the fact that my legs were barely fatigued.

    My 2nd and 3rd legs were not nearly as easy or as fast as the 1st leg, but I know for certain that I would have had to walk every step if not for my training with Madoc.

    Another very noticeable difference was how quickly I recovered between Saturday and Sunday of race weekend. That has NEVER happened before. Now I understand why I was doing so many deadlifts, weighted good mornings, and GHD raises.

    My new goal for the next 12 weeks is to vastly improve my conditioning, while maintaining my strength. I am 3 weeks into this training cycle, and it’s kicking my ass!

    I’m still getting stronger and my conditioning is really improving. A fantastic side benefit is that I’ve continued to slim back down to where I was over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier!

    I get excited every week to see what my programming will be. It’s like a grab bag of CrossFit wods specifically for me; some are pretty straightforward, some are a little scary, but all are tough and very, very effective. And Madoc is always so helpful with any questions (or whining) I have. He is super supportive too, and he never lets me back down.

    I’m always working toward my next fitness goal, and I’ve learned that I make the most progress by focusing on just a few goals at a time. That’s why individual programming is so appealing to me, and that’s why it’s been very effective for me too.

    If you’re looking for a personalized approach to your training, I highly recommend talking to XX about your options. I’m totally sold on individual programming with Madoc! Just ask me, I’ll give Madoc and my training a glowing review!

    Tami at HTC 2013

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