How To Graduate Jump Start

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To graduate Jump Start and begin 201 CrossFit classes, you just have to pass the Jump Start Movement Test

How to Prepare for the Jump Start Test

You prepare for the Jump Start test by coming to Jump Start classes!!! It would help tremendously  to watch the test video above as well.
When you attend class, if you pay attention to learning the names of the movements, to the feedback the coach gives you, then you will have a very easy time passing the test.
How To Schedule a Test
The coach can test one person after each Jump Start class.  Email us to schedule a test and we will let the coach of that class know.
How Many Jump Start Classes Do I Need To Take?
It takes as many classes as you need to master these movements and pass the test. If you are very athletic and have had prior experience, it could take just four classes (if you came to specific ones).
If this is new for you, we see an average of 4 to 6 weeks before someone is ready to take the test. This means repeated exposure until you are very comfortable with them. We do these movements consistently in 201 CrossFit so we expect you to learn them well in Jump Start.
If time is of the essence, please schedule personal training to complete the movement training faster.
Calendar of Jump Start Test Movements
In Jump Start, we teach many movements and the four test movements form the foundation of the program. They rotate on a bi-weekly schedule described below.
If you need a particular movement before you can take your test, just  ask us when it will show up next.
Week 1
Monday – Deadlift, KB Swing
Wednesday – Squat
Saturday – Strict Press
Week 2
Tuesday – Deadlift, KB Swing
Friday – Backsquat
Saturday – Strict Press