How Many Spots Can a Team Expect to Move Up After The CrossFit Open and Re-Ranking?

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For the team competition, 2014 CrossFit Regionals will be the first year that every team will have qualified based off of their true ability.

In the year’s prior, star athletes (i.e. Rich Froning) would contribute to their team’s qualifying score for Regionals…EVEN THOUGH THEY WOULD NOT BE PERFORMING ONE REP FOR THEIR TEAM AT REGIONALS.

The team would show up at Regionals, without their star athletes, and get their butts handed to them.

If you are puzzled or confused at why this would even happen, join the choir. Anyway, that’s the past and it should have been fixed after year one…better late than never I guess.

This year, if the star athlete chooses Individual, their SCORES ARE ERASED from the team and the team’s rank is recalculated to see if they make Regionals.

Finally, only then do the top 30 teams get their invitations to Regionals.

I took some screen shots of the America Regional leaderboards (missed SouthWest) before the re-ranking occurred. My interest was in teams ranked from 31 to 60. If these teams were to go to Regionals, they needed to move up after the re-ranking!

This being the first year with the re-ranking and no one having an idea of how far teams would move up, it put many teams and individuals in tough decision making spots.

Do I go individual and drop my team’s rank? Do I stick with my team and hope we make Regionals?

This first year stats (I know. N=1) should help teams and individuals make better informed decisions for 2015.

There is a lot to examine and look at. I focused on this one question – What is the lowest ranked team (before the re-ranking) that makes it to Regionals after the re-ranking?

Team & Region Rank Before Rank After # of Spots Moved
Snake River CrossFit – NorthWest 42 30 12
CrossFit North Gate – NorCal 38 28 10
Team Kinnick – Socal 40 30 10
Iron Tribe 205 – SouthEast 38 28 10
RSCF – SouthCentral 36 29 7
GF Morriston – NorthEast 37 29 8
CRCF – NorthCentral 43 30 13
CrossFit Lorton – MidAtlantic 44 29 15

You might be wondering why some of these teams are ranked higher than 30th place.

The reason is BEFORE the re-ranking, teams ranked between 1-30, will DROP DOWN after the re-ranking due to losing individual star athlete scores.

Some teams dropped down and took the 30th or 29th spots in their regions.

Again, I only focused on upward mobility. I’m sure downward mobility is also an interesting question to examine.

Range of ranks Range of spots moved Average # of spots
36th to 44th place 7 to 15 spots up 10.5 spots

Hopefully this information will help individuals and teams make better informed decisions in 2015 and avoid this from happening… (Yes, I realize I don’t know if they wanted a team or not. It’s an example.)

Before the re-ranking

After the re-ranking

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