How I Did Not Get Fatter On Vacation

Xi XiaNews

Everything would suggest I should have ballooned up a bit but I clearly didn’t.

I did not get fatter on my 2 week vacation in South Korea by eating everything and absolutely indulging myself. This included more ice cream, alcohol, and gluten products than I normally consume.

It was fun, delicious, and I was a little stressed about it at first….then I stopped being worried and just had a good time.

I also didn’t workout either. At least not in the traditional sense of going to a gym and doing CrossFit or lifting weights or any running/jogging. I did much more walking as part of touring the city and also one 3 hour hike up a mountain.

How do I know I didn’t get fatter?

First, my bodyweight did not increase and in fact was technically a bit less upon my return although not statistically significant. 218.8 yesterday and 221+ when I left for Korea.

Second, I compared pinches of myself. Here is my August 25th pinch with Scott before vacation.

Here is my pinch, 6 days after I returned from vacation and stabilized my sleep.

Third, it is hard to get fatter on traditional Korean food…with a heavy emphasis on traditional. Here is what a dinner at home looked like.

Pork, fish, lots of raw and fermented veggies, rice, miso soup, rice wine, beer

The reason why I want to share this is because I bet many of us have stressed on vacation that we are creeping towards sloppiness because of the lack of exercise and bad food choices.

I know I made much more indulgent choices from ice cream to gluten rich noodles and baked goods. I ate three large meals everyday except for some days because I was simply too full from the meal before to even eat again! And, I didn’t train at all.

Would I expect the same results if I binge drink with fried food for every meal? NO.

However, while on vacation, just eat good food, relax, and don’t stress that you are taking a break from training. Treat your body well and you might be surprised at how it responds!