Highland Games in Alaska

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CrossFit Portland athlete Jim McIntyre reports from Alaska:

The Highland games kinda sucked until I got through all the “skill” events. I was one of only 4 (out of 16) guys to turn a huge caber, and I did it twice. It was the biggest I had turned at 19′ 7″. Then was the farmers walk. The implements were as different as ours as possible. The handles were nice and small and I was able to get my grip locked in. I made exactly 300 feet for 4th place. There were some big dudes there. The winner was a fellow crossfitter. We decided that crossfit was great training for the walk because with crossfit you don’t stop when you get tired like most people train. So the training we did made a big difference. There is no way I would have turned that stick without the olys we have been doing. So thank you very much.
Caber Toss
173 lb farmer's walk
173 lb farmer’s walk for distance.

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