High School Strength & Conditioning Camp

Xi XiaNews

CrossFit Portland will be hosting a 6 week long Strength & Conditioning Camp geared towards preparing high school athletes for their upcoming Winter & Spring sports seasons.

11/10 – 12/9, MWF, 3:30 to 4:30 PM. Thanksgiving week, no Wednesday & Friday class. Sign up here.

Curious about the camp and want to see what one day is like? We are offering a one-day class on 11/5, Wednesday, 3:30 to 4:30 PM. Sign up here.

The class will focus on the fundamentals of strength training – squatting, hingeing, pressing, and pulling, with a special emphasis on proper technique.


We believe that by putting an emphasis on good movement, athletes will default into sound and efficients positions on the playing field. The best athlete is not just the strongest one, but the one who can apply that strength in a safe manner.

Additionally, the class will spend time training for speed, address muscular imbalances, and work to increase mobility. There will be a conditioning component in each class that will give athletes the capacity to still be explosive during the last lap of a race, the 4th quarter of a game, or the last minute of a match.

There is no minimum ability level required to participate, and any teen – from a freshman trying to make an impression, to a senior hoping to lead his or her team to State – can benefit.

Many high school athletes do not begin training in earnest until practice has begun. Those attending this camp will already be 10 steps ahead by the time the first day of tryouts starts!

Coach Jonathan Thom has been coaching for 5+ years. His specialties include weightlifting, CrossFit as sport, teen athletes, and masters aged clients.
Jonathan graduated magna cum laude from Western Washington University with a degree in Psychology. As an athlete, he has competed in CrossFit, weightlifting, and was an all-league third baseman at Sequim High School.