Gym Manual Chapter 3: Skills Based Beginner Program – Jump Start

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guy squatting

Over the years, new members start their training at CrossFit Portland through some type of Beginner program. Currently, the program is called Jump Start.

The greatest concerns Beginners have when they start are the following:

  • I’ve never done this before. I want to learn how to do it right.
  • I can’t do this or that. I don’t want to hold others back.
  • It will be a long time before I’m ready for 201

The goal of Jump Start is to teach beginners technique, watch for possible restrictions and difficulty with major movement patterns, and show the new member how they would grow their skill set into a 201 Intermediate class.

Jump Start is a class focused on teaching you fundamentals and a range of techniques that build upon those fundaments. The coaches care about the details, how you perform skills, and questions you may have.

We are not concerned with how fast you move. We are not concerned with how much endurance you have. We don’t expect you to be a certain level of strength.

Most importantly, we don’t design a class to “kick your ass”. The recipe for creating a workout to “kick your ass” is similar to creating fast food — just add lots of fat, sugar, and salt. It might taste good but it certainly isn’t good for you in the long run.

To complete Jump Start, you just need to pass the test. The test is simple and is no problem for anyone paying attention in class.

For the test, we ask you to setup and use the equipment to demonstrate back squats, deadlifts, presses, and kettlebell swings. You can take the test whenever you feel ready. It could be after the 2nd or the 20th Jump Start class.

Example of a single Jump Start class:

  1. Class starts and you warm up with the intermediate class members.  Both warm-ups are the same for part 1.
  2. You then go with the Jump Start coach and start reviewing the challenges and skills of that day.
  3. You watch the coach demonstrate and describe the cues of the movement.
  4. You will then practice simple steps and get feedback from the coach.
  5. Once you are moving right, the coach will add more steps and evaluate your progress again.
  6. This continues for the rest of the class and at the end you will cool down and review the day.