Gym Manual Chapter 2: Fitness has no short cuts

Xi XiaGym Manual

girl hanging from pull up bar

I bet everyone has heard that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something. Throughout that process, the fundamentals are always revisited and constantly being refined.

It’s the runner, cyclist, swimmer putting in the slow and steady speed miles to build their engine. It’s the weightlifter working into a full sweat with just the empty bar. It’s you doing arm and hip circles, pushup pluses, and hanging from the bar every class.

We believe in the slow and steady approach to fitness training for a couple of reasons.

First, minimize injury risk.

If you are injured, then you can’t train. If you can’t train, then you can’t progress.

Our program can scale up or down for almost any level of fitness. We find the average new member should scale down in order to progress from week to week. The worst time to have a setback is when you just started and have all this motivation.

This is why our Jump Start program is focused so much on teaching you technique versus 60 minutes of cardio.

Second, the longevity of results.

It’s easy for a non-active person to see results and feel stronger on any program. The question is will those results last? Our program is meant to sustain your motivation for training while challenging you to grow one step at a time.

People tend to shock & awe their body with way too much activity at the beginning. The thinking is unless a workout “kicks your ass”, you are not getting better. This can lead to a cycle of start, burnout, losing all gains, and then starting again from scratch.

Third, beyond beginner gains.

Any program can produce reliable and noticeable impact for a non-active person. After the low hanging fruit is picked, will you continue to improve and start reaching higher?

Think of a skill you are good at. More than likely, it was challenging at first but you made pretty quick progress since you are starting from zero. As you improved, it became harder to make another leap. At this point, having a constant and thoughtful approach to improve further becomes even more important.

Our program every year will take you through various cycles of training that are not random, focus on strength/skill development, and with enough variety to keep the challenge interesting.

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