Gym Manual Chapter 1: Why we love training people

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First, seeing people’s excitement when they do something they couldn’t do before is a great feeling that every coach loves to have. We love it too but it’s only a small part of what drives us.

We love helping people reach their physical goals because it is a challenging process that is technical, creative, social, and personal. It is the intersection of applying research & scientific theory to the dynamic canvas of the human biological system.

At this intersection, predictable and unpredictable results always occur. Every step forward is a validation of established methods or can be a discovery of a new path forward. From 20+ years of experience, we know what will work and we recognize there is so much we don’t know and can’t predict.

The circular process of refining our tools to create better outcomes and expectations for clients is the creative art of training and why it takes a life-long practice to achieve mastery.

The more refined our tools, the more effective we can be in helping our clients reach their goals.

Your goals are your goals. It is perfectly okay if they are not the gym’s training goals. This distinction is incredibly important to us. Gym goals are to serve you. In our classes, we do start with a good reliable estimation that you want to get stronger and be injury-free. From there, we start building you up and preparing for when you might want to pursue a more individualized goal.

We anticipate you will develop your own specific goals and passion for why you want to train. The diversity of pursuits is broad and the level that you want to achieve can be very rare and difficult.

  • Very low body fat
  • gain a large amount of muscle weight
  • pull ups to a front lever hold
  • push ups to a freestanding handstand pushup
  • pick up 50lbs to 500lbs
  • touch your toes to forehead touching your kneecaps
  • run One mile in 8 minutes to running 26.2 miles at an average of 8 minutes.
  • Play my sport at a higher level.

The list goes on. Whatever you can imagine, it could be possible.

It is also happens that some members just want to be active, to be challenged, and not be bored. The gym’s training purpose to make you stronger and keep you injury free will satisfy your goals extremely well!

Action Items:

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