Good Luck Leah!

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A. Deadlifts 60%1RM x 3; 70% 1RM x 5; 80% 1RM x amrap.
Rest 3 min b/t sets; perform @ 21X0 tempo. You must maintain tempo on amrap set!
15 L-pullups
3 Front Squats (use 60% 1RM)
12 L-Pullups
6 Front Squats
9 L-Pullups
9 Front Squats
6 L-Pullups
12 Front Squats
3 L-Pullups
15 Front Squats


6/6 Mtn Climber Twists
5 Cobra to Down Dog
6/6 Side bends

Leah is a runner and her goal when she started On Ramp was to get to Boston. Her marathon times are SO CLOSE to qualify! She has been building strength, doing Crossfit Endurance, and generally reducing her weekly mileage up to the Eugene Marathon this weekend. I am excited for her and she feels faster and more confident than before. Lets all wish her the best this Sunday!

Happy Birthday Carver…nice date with Linda I see.

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