Gluten Is Death – What I Learned This Weekend

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Parkour workshop July 18th! We’ve been practicing various basic parkour elements in our classes the past few weeks and expect more to come. If you are interested to learn more, you should sign up online for the workshop.

Swinging Annie


KB Swings
Double Unders


Spinal twists

What an awesome CrossFit weekend! We kicked it off this Friday with the conclusion of the Murph Challenge. Congratulations to everyone that attended and finished what they started. On Saturday, the CrossFit Nutrition semianr by Robb Wolf was in full swing. This is an epic seminar and I highly recommend anyone (not just trainers) to go see it!

When we rolled out the first Murph Challenge back in April, Christine (late fifties, recently started doing full chest-to-deck push ups) finished the workout in 59:58. She had set her goal at 1 hour and she made it. If you don’t know, Murph is a classic CrossFit WOD of run 1 mile, 100 push ups, 200 pull ups, 300 squats, run another mile. The second time around Christine finishes Murph in 47:56, knocking off over 12 minutes from her time. This is an incredible testament to Christine’s ability to overcome not just physical obstacles but mental obstacles.

Monica crushers her previous time of 48:40 and comes in at 40:07!

Karen in the blue shirt also beat her previous time and finished under 40 minutes!

Come on Jay, put a shirt one 🙂

Somebody has to wear the vest.

Ahh, well prepared.

Katie K. first Half Murph. Next time, the full deal 🙂

Best Murph facial hair

Come on Mike, you can do one more of anything!!!

Jesper, our Danish explorer, went nuts on Murph. Awesome time. Awesome sweat angle.

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