Get Up; Pull Up and an Update

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Make up yesterday’s squats if you missed them.

A. Weighted supinated chin-ups x 2-4; 5 sets @ 30X1, rest 2:30′
3 rounds:
5/5 Turkish Get-ups 53/36lb
12 Kipping Pullups


1 round:
Pullover stretch x10 + 10 sec hold
pullover stretch w/hands supinated x 10
Active shoulder lift x10 + 10 sec hold
Down dog shoulder stretch x 30 sec


I’d like to give you a little update on the recent programming at CrossFit Portland, and answer a few commonly asked questions. As you know, we are undertaking a strength phase based on the Wendler 5-3-1 program. I have heard many comments from folks here who have been enjoying this, and have seen big gains already. However, some have expressed concern or dismay that the randomness they expect has gone.

First of all, this is just a phase. We won’t be doing this from here on out. Strength, or more specifically strength endurance (at significant loads), is the primary limiting factor for many athletes looking to perform well in workouts or in sport. The best way to improve this quickly is to specialize the programming to place an emphasis on this quality until it has improved. Once the strength has been built, far less work is needed to maintain it. By performing this progressive strength program, and by building in the make-up days to ensure most everyone gets to do the training, we will see the best progress in the shortest amount of time. Once a better base of strength has been established, then we will move back toward more metcon and conditioning work.

Since this program is currently primarily focused on strength endurance, we won’t be maxing for a while. After the whole phase is over, we will go for 1 rep maxes at some point. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here is an example of why training this way is crucial: there are quite a few individuals training here that currently have the engine (or “endurance”) to do a 3 minute “Fran”. The reason why they cannot actually do the 3 min “Fran” is because they aren’t strong enough. Doing more or harder conditioning workouts won’t do much to get them the 3 min “Fran”, but getting stronger – especially strength endurance – will.

The strength work typically only takes up about 15 minutes of an hour class, so there is still plenty of time for other training. For those who typically come on the make-up days, this may require shortening of that day’s main workout a bit. One option here is if you come on a Tue/Thu/Sat and have strength work to make up, you may be able to come a bit early and get it done. This will depend on class time and equipment availability, but it is an option for most classes. You will be largely on your own doing this, so be sure your technique is good.

We are currently halfway thru the second cycle. My tentative plan for this strength phase is to do four cycles, though we may change up the exercises some for the next two phases. Good luck with your training, and don’t hesitate to see me if you have any more questions.


On another note, here is an excellent resource for calculating your daily fish oil intake courtesy my friend Robb Wolf and the good folks at Whole9. Be sure you are getting your omega-3 fats!

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