Georgia Fountas, Massage Therapist At CrossFit Portland

Xi XiaNews

Georgia has established her massage therapy practice right at CrossFit Portland! She is great and has been working with members already. Here is her bio. Text/call 443-825-0562 or email: to set up appointments.


Georgia has been skillfully and happily working muscles since 1999. A NY native, she transplanted herself to Portland in 2012 (by way of Florida and Maryland) after just one visit.

In 2000, she received certification in orthopedic sports massage, and has extensive training and experience with injury evaluation, treatment, and prevention. Georgia utilizes techniques in Neuromuscular Education, Myofascial Therapies, and Structural Bodywork.

Through her work, she educates clients to increase neurosomatic awareness to improve structural alignment and balance. She has also taught and created curricula for massage schools in the east.

Somewhat fanatical when it comes to following sports, she started running after moving to PDX and competes in local races dressed in costume. Georgia is also a student at PSU, working toward a degree in molecular biology with dreams of doing research in nutrigenomics. Needless to say, hard work and humor are two values she holds close.