Gender Challenge This Week

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Part 1 of the challenge – Row 2000m for time. Top 5 male vs female row “scores”. Scores are calculated using this site. Please update the challenge board with your weight and row time.

For example, Bill C. rowed a PR of 7:22, which was awesome!, and his adjusted score would be 6:48.54.

Part 2 of the challenge is this Saturday – A mock weightlifting meet, snatch + clean & jerk totals.

Please email me with RX Fight Gone Bad scores from Thanksgiving to update the board. For men, 330 is the cutoff.

Make up yesterday’s lifting if you missed it.

A. Split Jerk: 4 x 2,2,1,1 Rest ~2 min
3 rounds for time:
Run 400m
15 DB Thrusters 35/25lbs
15 Pullups”

4 position Prone Scorpions, 5/5 each + 20 sec hold

19 Comments on “Gender Challenge This Week”

  1. Erin, Concept just has two weight classes. Are there more? is there another calculator out there that can be used?

  2. I shall make my triumphant, yet gradual return tomorrow! I’m rested, my hair is a little longer, and I’ve been strict paleo for the last 3 weeks. I’m excited. I hope that some of you remember me.

  3. split jerk: 88×2/98×2/108/118
    Frelen: 17:30 (rowed instead of running b/c it was raining)

  4. Deadline for Secret Santa extended until Thursday of this week! Email me if you want to sign up! Exchange and potluck is Saturday December 18.

    my email is in the last newsletter!

  5. Man on man, I have been sick for two weeks and now I need to make it into the gym to row…..

    I am assuming we can do the row anytime this week?

  6. Back after 3 weeks off… apparently I forgot how to use my lungs because the first 400m gassed me and the rest was just an attempt not to puke.

    Did all my front-squats & squat-cleans with 115lb.

  7. Ha! Well put Thomas, that’s always how it feels for me. Welcome back.

    Can’t wait for that row!

  8. I had to Google ROFTL. I’m glad I’m not the only person that thought that was funny.

  9. Jerk: 115-125-145-145

    Frelen- 12:54

    Earlier today – run to the top of rocky butte. 10 rounds of 40m gravel hill sprints on the top, then run down.
    Recovery meal of sweet potatoes, London broil, a shot of tequila, and 20 minutes in a hot tub.

  10. It wasn’t suppose to say that it was suppose to be the phrase man oh man…i have been sick! Still don’t think I’m spelling it right though, but glad to give you guys some laughs! =)

  11. Split Jerk: 95,105,115,125

    “Frelen”: 13:22 w/ 30# DB. All the 35# were in use.

    2000m row – 7:22:1 (not adjusted for weight)

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