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Games training 2012 commences this week. There are several changes to our approach this year. The biggest change you’ll notice is that some of the Games prep workouts will be done with the regular 201 class. Usually, at least 2 WODs per week will be combined with the classes. Some of these combined workouts may be slightly different for the Games trainees, but they will still be able to be done with the full class.

The second big change is that we are starting many months earlier. To be as prepared as possible, we need to put in a full year of specific work. This is a good time to talk about the sport of fitness vs. fitness for health/longevity. Crossfit was originally built on the idea of building and maintaining a high level of fitness at all times. This can be done if one is careful to monitor recovery and may be sustainable if one’s goals are general and moderate. Achieving peak fitness, like that needed to excel in the Games, must be done progressively and can be very taxing to the body. The best results, (and your only shot at having longevity in the sport) will come from training similar to every other established sport in the world: a planned program including an off-season period. If you just competed on the affiliate team, I’d strongly suggest taking 2-4 weeks off from training, minimum. These first training workouts are not for you. Do mobility work, stretch, walk, get outside. Come back only when you are rarin’ to go.

Strength, mobility, and skill are the biggest contributors to a top performance. Unfortunately, it’s hard to develop strength as quickly as possible when metabolic conditioning work is being done regularly at the same time. Our off-season training work will feature a couple of strength blocks, with concurrent mobility and structural balance work to remove any weak links. Some of this strength work will be very demanding, such as when we do the cluster training weeks. There will be some energy system work done to maintain conditioning. The type of training we do will change as the year progresses.

We will also have an advanced class soon that will be one of the weekly Games WODs. We will use this time to not only train, but learn to incorporate new paths to increased performance. High level nutrition for the games athlete, breathing mastery, competitive movement efficiency, lactate testing and more will be explored here.

If you are interested in joining us this year, let me know. You can join in at any time, but for best results earlier is better. Also, for many, Games training should be looked at as a two or more year long project. So, even if you think that you are a few years out from possibly competing, feel free to join us now.

There are a few caveats to choosing the Games training program. First, there are scheduled training days and scheduled off days. During times of the year, there will be double days. You’ll need to try to adhere to the schedule as closely as possible, and don’t add in extra workouts on the off days! Even more importantly, do not bounce back and forth between Games workouts and regular 201 class WODs. Commit to one program or the other. You can always decide to go back to the 201 classes if you decide Games training is not for you. Let’s start training and hit the 2012 season strong!

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  1. Will the games team compete in any other competitions or will the training be only for the one event?

  2. @ Scott I like the email snippet from OPT…make sure the H’s are in place…happy, horny and hungry!…a true recipe for health!

    As for games only concern about committing to the games training is that we may end up training by ourselves 3+ days a week depending on our personal schedules..I know this was a struggle for some of this year’s gamers…

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