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We will be closed this Saturday and Sunday for our first annual coaches retreat.

Did you know there are many advanced medical tests that can give a very accurate picture of your present health status? Also, the information from these tests can be used to prevent many chronic diseases from ever happening in the first place?

These tests can also determine the root causes behind many nagging conditions such as chronic fatigue or inability to loose or gain weight.

The bad news is that your doctor isn’t likely to ever order these tests for you, and may even be unaware of their existence.

An emerging field of medicine is called Functional Medicine and the practitioners may be MDs, chiropractors, or naturopaths. They will use these tests to see why you may be sick in the first place, then prescribe various things (only rarely drugs) that address the root cause.

However, this is unlike conventional Western medicine that primarily looks to see if you are already sick, and then if you are, gives you drugs to artificially manipulate whatever the problem was.

The drugs will improve your symptoms, but the reason why you are sick has not been addressed! As a result, the health status of the body continues to decline, perhaps even faster now because of the additional need to detoxify the drugs.

In my next member article, I’ll detail some functional medical tests and how they can be used, plus give you resources to find practitioners. I’ll also describe how and why this is important for high level athletic performance.


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