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Well, it’s that time again…time to start training for the CrossFit Games. This year, we’d like to have a really strong affiliate team. Individual competitors are welcome as well. Like last year, I will begin programming Games workouts next week. This year there will be a few changes and improvements.

The training is open to all, but it will require a commitment and is demanding. It’s not for everyone. You should have some CrossFit experience and be familiar with the movements, as you won’t always have a coach to guide you. Some days may require multiple workouts. This is not a fat loss program nor is it a general fitness/health program. It is training for a specific sport – the sport of fitness.

I’d like to have a meeting with all of those interested in training this year on Monday night, 12/6, 6 pm at the gym. Sign up for the meeting online if you are interested in joining us for training this year. Email Scott At if you CAN NOT make the Monday meeting.

– Scott

Make up yesterday’s lifting if you missed it.

If you haven’t already, you must Row 2K. Then do part 2 and 3 if you have time.

3 rounds:
12 KB Swings (heavy)
90 sec Burpees
rest 2 min

5 min total intermission

3 rounds:
12 Hang Power Cleans (fast, unbroken)
250m run as a group (to Gotham Tavern corner & back)
rest 2 min

5 min total intermission

5 rounds for time:
15 Pushups
rest 20 sec
15 Knees to Elbows
rest 20 sec

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  1. 8:12 on the 2000m. Not terribly happy about that, 22 seconds slower than before.

  2. Yeah! Games Training! I’m looking forward to a deep affiliate team. Alternates are a must! This was really fun last year, but VERY hard.

  3. The Whole 9 site ( has a 2 part post on their blog section on “eating dirty” that was put up recently. It is a good breakdown on how to “cheat” etc.

  4. @ Jason: alternates? What are you talking about? Nothing unexpected *ever* happens at the last minute!

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