front squat

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Bill is back!

6:30 class did:
warm up
Row 2000m
150 jump ropes
25 box jumps

7:30 class did:
warm up
5-5-5-5-5 front squats
3 max box jumps and 20 kettlebell swings after each set of squats

Here’s the white board for the workout, and no, Scott’s handwriting hasn’t turned girlie, Nichole led the class! Bonus: Aaron box jumping pretty high

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  1. Great workout and everyone put in max effort!

    After class I did

    3 rounds
    500 m row
    15 OHS w/45# bar
    8 Elevated pull ups (not sure what you call them)


    Thanks Nathan for the suggestion w/the pull ups using the rack, my arms were instantly tired! Great substitute for rope climbs.

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