From Acl Repair To South Sister: Audrey’s Story

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Have you ever finished physical therapy and did not feel confident to go 100% again? My ACL surgery and therapy in 2005 left me just short until CrossFit Portland brought me back across the final threshold and back into sport.

Audrey was in this situation and started personal training with Scott in 2007. She shares her transformational story. She currently does personal training and is also the newest member of the Dinner Club.

When I began training with Scott in October 2007, I was working on a number of issues as a result of two knee surgeries I’d had in 1992.

I had never fully recovered from those surgeries as I’d left for college, so when I started working with Scott, one leg was 2-3 times stronger than the other and my cardiovascular capacity was nonexistent.

Even simple activities like riding a bike or jogging around the block were so depressingly difficult that my confidence in my physical abilities was low, and my fear of pushing outside my comfort zone and re-injury was high.

I had just started playing Ultimate Frisbee, a game I loved, but the running seemed to be much, much harder than it should be, and I was one of the slowest girls.

I came to Scott for help with my strength and cardio, but I knew I also needed to gain confidence in my physical abilities so I could overcome fear and learn to push myself outside my physical comfort zone.

Over the next year, Scott helped me to balance out the strength in my legs (about 90%), something I had been trying to do on my own for years. My cardio improved dramatically, and he taught me about nutrition and mobility as well.

I was in the best shape I had ever been in, when my ACL had to be redone again in October 2008!

But due to all my work with Scott, I had the second-fastest ACL recovery my physical therapist had seen in 15 years.

I fully recovered from my surgery, regained my strength and more, and achieved my goal of completing the Crossfit Level 1 exercises in November 2010.

This spring and summer I’ve participated in Ultimate tournaments, played three and four games per day, and my running is solid!

I also recently climbed my first mountain — South Sister, at 10,358 feet.

Scott has my deepest gratitude for his patience and knowledge. He’s helped me achieve that which once would have seemed impossible.

– Audrey C.

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3 Comments on “From Acl Repair To South Sister: Audrey’s Story”

  1. I’ve known Audrey for quite sometime and I’ve watched her recovery and strength training. She is in absolutely amazing shape and for her to accomplish this goal is outstanding. I think it speaks directly to her determination along with a great trainer and workout program. Audrey has me hooked on crossfit now too.

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