French Not Required For Agility & Mobility

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You watched the video of MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre we linked to the other day, and now you have even more questions about this Agility and Mobility class.

“Are you going to expect us to run around barefoot and shirtless in the woods?”

“How is this going to improve my Fran time?”

“Is this the Parkours that the kids have been talking about on their Twits?”

“Are you going to teach with a French accent?”

To answer your questions…

It’s up to you if you’re mostly naked during the class. All I ask is that you make your clothing decisions practical and tasteful.

Shoes are entirely optional, and we’re going to be doing almost all of the work inside the gym.

A fair amount of class time will be spent on improving participants hip and shoulder mobility, and translating that into functional movements.

Not only are we going to work on flexibility and mobility, we’re going to spend time really understanding how to move.

No, this is not going to be a Parkour workshop.

Some of the skills that a Parkour Traceur or Freerunner may use are used in MovNat style training. We will cover quadrupedal movement, running, jumping, and climbing. If you want to learn Parkour, Stan Lee may be teaching…

No, my attempts at speaking French around four older sisters who all speak French fluently has resulted in me not wanting to suffer further embarrassment.

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