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CrossFit hammers home the message to use glutes and hamstrings for squating and pretty much everything else. The glute-hams are the gateway to tapping your full potential for hip force production. After doing Murph Memorial day, my quads were killing me but not my glutes and hamstrings. This made me re-examine my squat form with Rochelle and she discoverd the form issue. Today, we worked on the form for the foundational squat. It was Sandie’s first CrossFit workout and let us know how your glute hams feel tomorrow!

4 Rounds
Deadlifts x 5 medium-heavy
DB Presses x 5 medium-heavy
Squat x 25 – emphasis on form and glute-ham loading. Push your posterior, posteriorly!
DB Cleans x 10 emphasis on speed of each rep
Pull Ups x 20

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