Focused Rest Day

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CrossFit Total tomorrow, 9 AM

1) Work on CrossFit Portland Level 1-4 Skills if you are participating in the Total tomorrow.
2) OR, do a make up WOD from Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

You probably didn’t know this about one of your coaches at CrossFit Portland

1) I know most of you know this But I LOVE chickens
2) I love to talk about poop
3) My favorite thing to do is hang out with Scott and Jobe
4) I really like the taste of good tequila
5) I dream of cheating on paleo with cereal (haven’t yet)
6) I HATE mornings (anytime I am awake before 7:00 am)
7) I like showers so hot that my skin turns lobster Red
8) I only like running when there is a ball involved
9) I have a sheet phobia (I bring my own sheets to hotels and people’s home)
10) I was once a vegetarian (hehe we all make mistakes)

Team “Sunflower” ( aka Lara) rocking out the double unders.

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