First Day, New Space

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We are officially moved over and clocking workouts at the new space! How long before I stop referencing it as the “new space”? I guess as long as the new car smell persists, it’ll always be new to me. There are still many final details we want to finish up so lots of good stuff still to come. For the time being, it will do nicely 🙂

What was your first thought when you walked in?

Anybody have 2-3 empty rectangular blue buckets??? I couldn’t find any at Home Depot and would like to keep the chalk buckets consistent.

Parking. There are a few spaces in front of our bay doors, #1 and 2. Do not park in front of the other bay doors on 8th! The parking lot in the upper left is park at your own risk! It belongs to the Legacy hospital system. Besides that, there is street parking around the area.

Saturday morning, breaking it in! I just love all that natural light

7 Comments on “First Day, New Space”

  1. Hello, from CrossFit Body & Fuel,

    I can’t wait to see inside the new gym when I go to class one time a month. I can’t wait to see all of you.

  2. Leah, there is a door at the main floor level to the sidewalk on the south side of the building (right next to where the boxes are piled).

  3. My first thought was how much space there is…huge…my second thought was…oh my..who’s gonna be the first casualty on those ropes?!?

  4. The place looks amazing. I’m excited to come workout with all of you and for everyone who just realized one of their dreams by making it happen.
    Strong work!

  5. Oooooh! Aaahhhh! It’s AWESOME! Congrats to the CrossFit Portland Community from the teeny-tiny CrossFit Hillsdale faction. I bet you could fit 7 of our wee boxes into your giant new box. We are J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!

    Lara and Wally

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