First Block of 2013 – Crossfit Games Open Prep

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CF Opens

We are taking a few weeks off from the “block training” during the holidays. There are no priority days in this break. We’ll be doing a wide range of work for some variety, and also getting back to some custom goals training.

I do want to note for the coaches out there that what we are doing isn’t exactly “Block Programming” as Verkhoshansky, Issurin, and other Russian scientists have developed. It does use the basic ideas of focused phases that build upon each other and compatibility of modalities, though.

In the new year, we’ll begin the next block phase. It will start January 7th and run through the CrossFit Games Open, ending April 13th. The same priority days (MWF) will return for the block, at least up until the Opens begin. Depending on release schedule for the Open workouts, it may dictate a change of priority days.

This phase will be focused on final preparation for the Crossfit Games Opens, which is the first qualifying round for the Crossfit Games. These are fun weekly events at the gym whether or not you are interested in competing in fitness.

If you have no interest in competing, then you can always just treat them as any other workout. Though we don’t know exactly what the workouts will be, in the past they’ve always been something most anyone with a good base of fitness can do. It’s during the later events (Regionals, the Games) where the skills and Rx’ed weights usually go way up.

The Open workouts generally require aerobic power in particular, so that will be one of the main training targets of this phase. In the last block, aerobic power was a secondary focus, so we are all starting from a good place.

Maximum strength and fatigue repeatability will also be a primary focus. The secondary focus will be skill development work (double unders, kipping, etc).

We’ll be using a test other than our 4 main CF Portland benchmarks this time. The pre/post test will be a workout somewhat similar to what has been seen in the Opens. We’ll test this starting the week of Jan 7th, and again the week of April 13th.

The benchmark for the Open is as follows:

AMRAP Double Unders in 1 min
no rest, right into
AMRAP in 9 minutes:
10 Power Cleans 95/63lbs
10 Bar Facing Burpees (jumping over the bar)

You’ll have two scores – total Double Unders + total reps from the second part.

Pop quiz: Why are double unders not included in the 9 minute AMRAP and just make it a triplet?

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