Finally, Broken!

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The heat has finally given up! I actually slept last night. Today’s WOD is “Nancy”. This is my favorite Nancy video and this is also one of my least/most favorite workouts. Time to set a PR on the record board!


5 Rounds
400 M Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65


Kneeling lunge series to
groin stretch to
lying cross arm stretches to
sleeper stretch

UPDATE to the update: Top time today is 11:41 by Eric. #2 is 13:24 by Nick G. 14:41 by Erin is the top women’s time. Nice work everyone!

Justin gets the workout done with 45lbs and had good form. This is a big step for Justin considering he didn’t have the requisite ACTIVE flexibility necessary to do Overhead squats. Just because you are bendy does not mean you can do an Overhead Squat. You need active strength in those positions.

I like overhead squat pictures 🙂

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