Feel Heavy?

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A1) Front squat 5-4-3-2-1; rest 2 min
A2) Wtd. Dips x 5-5-5-5-5; rest 2 min

If done correctly, you should be completely drained when you are done and used every minute of rest you can get.


Supine snow angel drill x 3
Cuban Press 2 x10
Trap 3 raise 2 x 8

Hey Steph, how’s the weather up there?

We were setting up the workout last night with the sandbags and figuring out weights. Up comes Tom with the 100 lb bag already on his shoulder, ready to go. Tom is a patient about improving his fitness and strength and fairly conservative with the amount of weight he uses in workouts. However, recently, Tom has been in a groove and going after “RX”, as prescribed, more and more. It is a fun change to be a part of and keep doing what you are doing Tom!

Top performers. Must see. Click on the picture for the video. Green is 10 KG, Yellow is 15 KG, Blue is 20 KG, Red is 25 KG, and the bar is 20 KG. Listen to their foot stomp as the weight increases…notice anything?

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