Elite Squatty Potty Fitness



Our next, yet to be named (Squatty Potty???), training block, will be taking us into squat mobility & movement screening territory. The primary objective of this next block is going to be a clean, non-compensated squat. The secondary objective is to increase our 3 Rep Max Back Squat strength. There will be two initial benchmark measures.

1) Depth of squat with no lumbar flexion and no other compensations (e.g. excessive torso lean)
2) 3 Rep Max Back Squat

We’ve also made sure to maintain the conditioning and strength work you have come to expect in classes. Yes, we are making everyone happy.

Something that you should keep in mind, when we begin the next block, is that the mobility screening is just that – a screen. It’s not meant to seek failure but to look for the best way to help you get better. We’ll be assigning people a certain track to follow during the block, and that track is meant to help you achieve a certain objective.

Jonathan recently wrote about the Functional Movement Screen, and how a trainer might use it as a tool to help a client. For those of you interested in having a full FMS session, along with receiving a couple of easy to remember mobility recommendations, we offer a 30 minute consultation.

On the FMS, we score 0-3. A score of “0” means that there is pain or mechanical dysfunction when the movement is performed. A score of “1” means that the movement cannot be performed, and a score of “2” means that the movement is performed with some form of compensation. A “3” is the gold standard.

Score a zero, and we’re going to recommend you see a rehab professional to sort things out. Score a three, and we’ll probably ask you to be the model for class. Score a two, and you’re in a zone where there is room for improvement, but you’re moving safely.

A score of one is where we get to shine. Score a one, and we’re going to give you certain recommendations regarding loads, speed, and repetitions. If you score a one or a two, take it as a challenge to build to the next level. We’ll be there to coach you in class and we’ll be producing videos of suggested self work that you can do outside of the gym.