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Adding 9 AM Saturday class to our schedule this weekend! So, Saturday class at 9 AM and 10 AM.

3 rounds:
Hang Power Clean 50%BW x 15
Row 500m
rest 5 minutes

Try to finish each round in 2:20 or less.

ROM work:

7 Bridge wall walks or bridge holds

Congrats to Des on getting her first rope climbs!

New Years On Ramp – Before and After

This morning was the conclusion of a New Years On Ramp program and everyone re-tested their Baseline times from their first session, four weeks ago. Everyone made huge improvements (as a group, a 42% decrease in their baseline times!). More importantly, their nutritional practices have expanded to Paleo and they have a rock solid skills foundation going forward into our classes. Congratulations to all of you who have made the commitment to your health and fitness and looking forward to training with you in class!

  Baseline Before Baseline After
Shannon 11:40 6:45
Tonia 11:08 6:19
Noah 9:24 5:57
Lindsay 9:11 5:23

Sign Up online for On Ramp today! Space is limited.

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