4 Comments on “Debut of the Slosh Pipe”

  1. Thanks Jim for bringing in those slosh pipes! They were incredible.
    Could they be regulars at the gym? šŸ™‚

    Is it a special kind of PVC for the pipes? Those pipes were 4″ diameter ones right? Cap and duct tape to seal the ends? Gotta get me one of those babies.


  2. That just sounds brutal! I’m going to have to construct one..

    Those are ABS pipes by the looks of it… If you can find a plumbing supply house, you can go up to 6″ in diameter! For extra brutality.

  3. Hey Xi Xia,
    They are very easy to make, you will want to use a pipe adhesive to put the caps on. Duck tape was just a little back up.
    Home depot or Lowes should do the trick. The pipe comes in 10 foot lengths.

    6 inch pipe would be cool. I am thinking that would add a lot of weight.

    We should have a couple different sizes to train with.


  4. Yes, easy to make. I had to re-glue the one I made several times to get it to seal. The other one started to leak, though! A few sizes will be in order, I think.

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