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I will be writing updates on how members are effectively utilizing the Custom Goals Training (CGT) program to make progress or reach their goals.

Since CGT’s inception, many many goals have been reached or PRs made. Even more members have made progress towards their goals and will achieve it in due time.

CGT is an unique CrossFit Portland program where you can customize your training towards where you want to make improvements. We recognize members have different weaknesses and an ideal way to address those weaknesses is through focused work.

It is SUPER EASY to participate! It is a free benefit of your membership and all you need to do is email me,, to get started.

Jessica Mayer, Chin Up

Jessica’s goal is a chin up. She has been working on it extensively and have hit unique road blocks with the pull progression. She spoke with me two months ago and her situation is a good example of how we can individualize the goals training to make progress.

A chin-up can seemingly be a simple or easy goal to achieve but can take quite some time depending on your starting level of strength, experience with strength training, and body dimensions.

There is no timeline except that you should be making measurable progress each session. If you are rested, eating well, and stagnate for a few sessions, than we need to examine the plan and make changes. This is also a benefit of CGT – we will adjust if you get stuck.

In our conversation, Jessica reassessed where she needed to improve. Not surprisingly, her Powell raises on Level 1 and dumbbell row strength on Level 2 had room to improve.

We directed her training towards those pulling movements. We also agreed she would do the pushing progression from home. Finally, we determined a schedule she would follow and to TRACK PROGRESS! Below is a record of the progress she has made:

May 7th: Dumbbell Rows 25 lbs, Powell Raises 5-8 lbs, tempo pushups from floor 7,6,5.

Mid June: Dumbbell Rows 35 lbs, Powell Raises 10 lbs, tempo pushups from floor, 8,7,7. Bodyweight negatives, shoulder blades are retracted now!

Steadily, she has increased her pulling strength, pushing strength, shoulder blade control with much better form on negatives.

Around mid June, she hit a wall with the pushups. She communicated that fact with me and we made a modification to the plan.

I am really excited that Jessica has stuck with it, followed the plan, tracked progress, and kept up communications. These are all key for CGT to work for you!


  1. Nice job, Jessica. I enjoy hearing about these great CGT examples. Helps motivate me more to stick stricter to the plan and communicate more with XX. Good luck.

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