CrossFit Preparation Class for Moms

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UPDATE May 28th: This class has been postponed due to lack of enough sign ups. If you are a new mom that is interested, please email us at

We’re putting together a class specifically for you new moms!

It will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1pm until 2pm-2:15pm. 4 weeks, starting June 3rd. There is only room for 6 mothers. It is open to current and prospective members.

Who is this class for?

This class is for mothers who have had relatively uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. Also, mothers who are looking to improve their abdominal stability as well as their motor control.

The focus of this class is addressing two issues that confront many women who have had children and want their bodies to be strong, confident, and capable.

First and foremost, pelvic floor control and tone. Many women develop pelvic floor control issues after pregnancy and childbirth. A common sign of this is stress incontinence during activities such as running or jumping rope.

Second, abdominal muscle control and movement sequence. That baby bump that everyone wants to touch is awesome, but it can do a number on the mother’s abdominal muscles.

Some new mothers find that they’re unable to properly activate their abs after giving birth. This could show itself as being unable to situp, low back pain, or a feeling of instability.

For anyone who lifts, being able to correctly brace with the abdomen means they can support their back, and lift safely.

We’ll use various bodyweight/gymnastic and kettlebell/dumbbell movements for this. We’ll also cover joint stability, back and hip strength, as well as running and jumping.

If you had complications like diastasis rectii, prolapse, or nerve damage the best option for your health is through personalized training coordinated with physical therapy.

If you have questions, please contact Coach Madoc at madocyw – AT –

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