CrossFit Open Registration Deadline Is This Week

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If you are confused about the CrossFit Open arriving at the gym on Thursday, you will need to READ to understand what is going on.

There are two roads you can choose from.

You DON’T officially sign up for the Open through

You carry on with working out at the gym just like you are doing now. Come when you want, do the workout that day.

Just so happens on certain days it will be a workout that is exactly the same as a CrossFit Open workout.

Nothing for you has changed. You come on your usual days, you do what’s on the board, you scale and substitute like you have been.

Everything you have control over, you still do. Everything you don’t have control over in class, you still don’t.

You DO officially sign up for the Open through

You will need to plan either Friday or Saturday to do the Open workout. Sunday is a possibility too.

Since the class that day is exactly the same as the Open workout, you do it with everyone else. Those that signed up and those that didn’t.

After the workout, you will need to submit your score online for verification and then for worldwide ranking.

Oh, you’ll be judged when you do the workout. The judge counts your reps and determines if you meet the movement standards or not.

Finally, if you can’t complete the required minimum work requirements for a workout, you are disqualified from the online competition. Meaning, you can’t win the CrossFit Games and be the Fittest Person on Earth.

CrossFit has created a smart way to make minimum work requirements to be “easier” so the field isn’t cut down too quickly.

For example,

10 minute AMRAP of:

30 Power Snatches 75#
30 Power Snatches 135#
30 Power Snatches 165#

Minimum requirement is 30 Power Snatches at 75# in 10 minutes.

I hope you sign up. Life’s a bit short to not spend $20 and do something very different and interesting as compared to what you do everyday anyway.

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