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Yesterday’s post about the wine mixer was to inspire the intelligent banter I hear everyday at the gym, give everyone a couple of laughs, and for the most part, it was about that. However, a few went a bit overboard and one certainly was inappropriate and offensive enough where I received feedback privately from members who read the blog.

When posting, common sense and decency is always expected in your messages for others to see. I have high expectations for all of you in this regard. Keep it witty, smart, and above the belt. We keep the blog as the main page because you use it, however, this is a public site, visitors do read it, so help us out and represent the true nature of this community.

Now, what’s one thing you would like to see in the new space?

Make up yesterday’s lifting if you missed it.

3 Rounds for time:
15 Hang Power Cleans 135/95lb
15 Burpees
10 min rest – work on shoulder mobility
1 min Side Plank L
1 min Side Plank R
1 min Knees to Elbows
1 Min OH Squat 45/33lb


2-3 rounds:
Pole Press x 10 + 10 sec hold @ both top and bottom pos.
Wall Slide x 10 + 10 sec hold @ both top and bottom pos.

51 Comments on “Crossed That Line”

  1. I agree – banter is fun, but let’s keep it classy. 🙂

    I was happy to attend the 6:30am class this morning… Way to go with Linda, Ted, and Spencer – bon voyage!

    As far as the new gym goes, showers are already going in, which is premium. What about lockers for notebooks/personal items? How far can we dream? Steam room? Ice baths? Hot tub? 🙂 I’m so excited! We talked this morning about new shirts and/or stickers… I would definitely like to see a few things along this line just to celebrate the occasion!

  2. I’m sure there will be an ice rink in the new gym. It will be cold enough.

    Also, how am I supposed to sell or lease 80 choppers by year end now that the f’ing catalina wine mixer is canceled?

    Thanks again for pooping in the pool.

  3. Yesterday was a fun day. A lot of ridiculous inside-joke banter, people jumping in, some Urban Dictionary references. It was fun.

    And then it wasn’t.

    So, to the people who were justifiably offended, or irritated, I’m sorry. I don’t know who wrote it, but it bothered me. A lot. Not only because play time is over, but also because the ladies who are a part of our family–or who are thinking about becoming part of it-deserve better than that.

    CrossFit is challenging, it’s hard, and it can be intimidating. We don’t need to add a misogynistic layer of nonsense on top of that.

  4. I’d like to add my vote for a hot tub, and announce that I just claimed the last spot in the 630 mayhem. Capped at a reasonable 15? what’s going on here?

    I’ll take it.

  5. Sorry, Madoc. Your stories are usually completely to the topic at hand, not tangentially related. I didn’t mean to offend.

  6. 20 foot ropes, olympic lifting platforms, platforms for jerks/push presses (where you can dump the weight and not have to pick it up off the ground), more airdynes and rowers, colored bumper plates (red – 25kg, blue – 20kg, yellow – 15kg, green – 10kg), a UFC cage for setlling grudge matches, non-portable squat racks

  7. From W Silicon Valley:

    3 rounds
    10 box jumps – 20″
    20 push ups
    30 sit-ups
    40 double unders

    4 min rest

    1 round of above – 2:14

  8. Well,
    Part 1: Workout results
    Not gonna know until this evening. I am, however, going to be running a timed mile shortly. Anyone want to figure out their mile time on a track, meet me at Grant Park in 30 minutes. The goal by January 1st of 2011 is a sub-6 minute mile.

    Part 2: a story tangentially related to a helicopter
    I got nothing. I’ll work on that.

    Part 3: something about food
    The reason that I wasn’t at class last night, or playing on the blog comments, was because I was out picking mushrooms, and then eating said mushrooms. I think we actually had a bushel of mushrooms (a mix of boletes and white chanterelles) when we got back. Combine spending 6 hours tromping through the forest, with 3 hours of driving, and working out through my normal rest days, and I was ready to just sit around and eat. Which we did – cream of chanterelle soup, sauteed boletes, pan fried pork chops, candied almonds, cheese and apples, and a halfway decent white wine.

    As far as what I would like to see in the new space? A refrigerator full of muscle milk and red bull, and a parking space for my H3.

    Seriously, maybe a couple of Woodway “Curve” treadmills? They’re only $5k each. Failing that, maybe actual gymnastics P-bars and Rings?

  9. my 2 cents – “Crossfit Portland” graffitied on a wall, extra whiteboard for member quotes/goals/inspirtation/doodles etc., cargo net, video camera/tripod for members to video their form or workout

    +1 on the colored plates, bike area, bumper stickers, t-shirts (we obviously have a lot of creative minds in our member pool, maybe a competition to design a shirt and come up with crossfit slogans for it)

    Not necessarily specific to the new location but we should continue having weekly challenges!

  10. How about we have wireless mic headsets for the trainers, so that they can have booming voices over the speakers!

    I second indoor bike storage, even if I am not riding my bike enough – the new location makes bicycle commuting are realistic possibility on some days.

    Oh, and my run.
    6:56. Yup, I’m a slow poke in the rain.

  11. I’d love to stick a CFPDX decal on my laptop, also love the colored plates ALSO love the weekly challenges, yes.

    Also, bored at work.

  12. Mirrors. Not only can you see how buff you are getting, but if you can check your form on lifts.

  13. I second the new shirts! You know I came up with an idea once and I was going to run it by XX but I dont think I got there. I was thinking we should open it to the members of the gym to come up with ideas. Once all the ideas are in the the gym members can put it to a vote. The one liked the most is the new t-shirt. Thoughts?

    Also, what is the cargo net for? So confused….

  14. oooh, cargo net. That would be awesome. Floor to ceiling on a cargo net would make for a badass workout.

    Slack line. Trampoline. Foam pit. Pommel Horse. Spring floor. Slack line.

  15. The new gym could have 2 clocks so J will shush about that subject. Unrelated to the gym… and iPhone App to login to class! (I have no idea if that’s easy or hard)

  16. Jason, its already pretty easy to log-in to class on an iphone. Just browse to the website and log in.

  17. Thanks for the post/comment Katie and J.

    Regarding the new space, some of these were already mentioned, but I’ll list all of mine (for completeness.)
    indoor bike storage, member goals board, two OR MORE clocks/timers, speakers/sound system, coat rack for wet coats(in addition to shelves), plenty of assorted hooks for different size jump ropes and pull-up bands, a box of random donated long rope-climbing socks, and a corner/area of the gym for general skill practice (in case a class is going on during “open gym.”) I also really like the video-to-evaluate-form idea.

    AND I love the new shirt design contest idea.

    Madoc – I thought you got plenty of practice running in the rain a few weeks ago? Like 5 hours of continuous practice?

  18. Oooh, video analysis stuff would be way cool. A camera to shoot 30fps as well as stills, a decent video screen. Would be so much better on a large screen than on the little LCD on a camera.

    I just watched the GSX video on the mainsite. Overcoming the awful music and ridiculous camera effects, there was some pretty impressive ring work going on, as well as what looked like a 1-2 finger board mounted on swivels on cables – basically free hanging finger boards. Now that would be awesomesauce.

    Joanna, I got about 4 hours of continuous practice, and then a whole bunch of walking practice.

  19. One of those old school peg boards you used to have in gym class…or at least I used to have. I’m old school.

  20. and whoever gets to the top is Louden Swain for the week!

    Josh is teaching the new Old School class.

  21. Madoc- thanks for formatting your first comment. It is much easier to read and fully digest. I may have to take you up on the sub-6 min mile by Jan 1st. I have been thinking about goals alot latley and that is one of them.

    As far as the new gym goes. I would like more white board space so we can leave up numbers from the previous days WOD. Nice to see how you compared to the rest of the gym. 6:30 am doesn’t have any idea how totally amazing we are. More stable racks, it sucks when the rack runs away from you. More weekly challenges. And more coach Jay specializing in Wednesday mornings.

  22. I also have a finger board I could loan to the gym. I don’t have anywhere to put it in my new home and the system that I engineered failed me while I was destroying crap and swinging around like a d-bag.

  23. Mike, did you get that suit at the toilet store?

    How about a heavy bag in the gym or wing chun dummy, extra mats for tumbling, a wet bar, couch & coffee table area with NY Times & WSJ and chess board, vending machine with jerky, nuts, and dried fruit, members only jackets, bath slippers, smoking area, and I completely support a cold pool.

  24. We would actually need a Phantom camera.

    1000 frames per second.

    There is nothing better than going to a shoot and messing around with one, and then watching the playback in super slow motion.

    And then sitting in your director’s chair, and telling a production assistant to go get you an omelet.

  25. I’d love to see a good set of tools, so that I can fix things sooner.

    If not that, a 25 meter pistol range.

  26. I second the pistol range, and a heavy bag would be cool too. But there would probably only be a few of us using it. I think Craig mentioned he has one he would bring in.

  27. Had my first Aaron-coached class today at 3:30. Two thumbs up 🙂

    I didn’t even know there was a 3:30 class today until I saw the 6:30 was full.

    How about that pink elephant in the room?

  28. Okay, I had to do today’s wod with 115lbs, 7:28. Tried to pull 135 lbs, not happening today. Funny thing, the 6:30 class was not mayhem.

  29. My “wish list” echoes a lot of others:

    showers/lockers, new shirts, stickers, colored bumper plates, more pullup bars, non-portable racks, central sound, more whiteboards (for the previous WOD results, member goals, etc.), multiple clocks, tools for Brock

    Mostly I am just so excited 🙂

  30. For the new gym:

    – a fitness book library. I know a guy who could set it up.

    – bike storage

    – ipod hookup for member generated music

    – punching bag!

  31. If there is a wing chun dummy, I will put my iPod on repeat of “Kung Fu Fighting”. All Day.

  32. Cole- nice Vision Quest reference. I’m also in favor of the peg board.

    Ice bath area, wrestling mat (doubles as tumbling area)

  33. Suggest: training area (for new clients). Class(WOD) area, more racks for rope jumping, dumbbells, and bars, plates.

  34. Also, I suggest large/small color kettlebells need to sort at the shelves. Also, medicine balls for wall ball need to sort at the either one or two shelves.

  35. We need a floor to ceiling brass pole. Much harder to climb than a rope. And allows more skill work.

  36. New gym suggestions (almost all have been previously mentioned):

    – dedicated o-lifting stations
    – dedicated bike parking
    – aux input for members’ ipods
    – more efficient equipment storage (e.g. sturdy plate racks)
    – yoga
    – and colored plates would be fun!

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