Course on Obstacle Courses

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Spartan Race. Tough Mudder. American Ninja Warrior. Cattleprods, razor wire, burpees, and burning hay bales. Are you tough enough?

Most of these obstacle races ask that. “Are you tough enough”? The answer? Probably.

For most “fit” people, toughing it out through an obstacle course shouldn’t be about their muscular stamina or cardiovascular endurance.

The truth about most of these races is that the challenge is the mental game. How to physically problem solve while under duress.

Obstacle courses should be challenging, but if you understand yourself, then most likely it’s just another workout.

While we won’t be jumping over burning hay bales or crawling under razor wire through mud in the Mobility and Agility Workshop, we will be working on the skills and awareness necessary to make an obstacle course just a big playground.

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Crawling, running, jumping, climbing; these are just parts of your movement package, and we’ll work on improving your use of these skills in the upcoming Mobility and Agility workshop.

Ready to be a Ninja?

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