Cory Has New Ideas For Child Protective Services

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As a long-time member of Crossfit Portland, I have come to appreciate how important our Childcare services are and the amazing people who watch our kids while I’m crushing WODs while wearing some shirt that is equal parts hilarious and fabulous.

Maybe you use Childcare; maybe you don’t… Maybe you’re sitting here reading this wondering why you should contribute to the Childcare Fund.

Instead of me writing about all the great things about the Childcare at Crossfit Portland, I thought it would be a good idea for my five year-old twins, Owen and Payton, to write something instead. Here it goes:

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Now who can argue with that?

If you were able to decode that elegant prose, you know that as a parent, sharing my CrossFit experience with them is invaluable as a Daddy and as an athlete for three reasons.

First, is the importance modeling a healthy lifestyle, complete with good nutrition and plenty of exercise. We’re doing our small part to replace the Childhood Obesity epidemic with a Childhood Awesomeness pandemic in our household.

Secondly, while Owen and Payton are in Childcare, I know they sometimes peek out and watch what is going on. I know they see me and everyone else pushing hard and not giving up.

In the truest sense of the word, they’re not just watching us WOD, they’re learning that life is hard and it takes grit and determination to achieve your goals. Whether teaching them to read, ride a bike, or fart without pooping their pants, after you learn to embrace the suck and push past it, a more confident and stronger person emerges. Who wouldn’t want that for their kid (or all kids)?

Lastly, is the importance of belonging to a community. By coming to CFPDX with me, they can see the importance of me belonging to a community while experiencing their own safe harbor. Christine and all the other providers have been amazing, loving, and fun. You know it’s a good place when your kids wake you up at 6:30am on a Saturday to help you “get ready” to go to the gym!

If you are able to, please donate to the Childcare Fund. If not, I will be forced to duct-tape Owen and Payton to a wall at home while I WOD…

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