Competition Program 2.0 – Revised For Your Pleasure

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We’ve received a GREAT response to last week’s post about a competition program! From the feedback, we are going to implement the program in a whole new way.

Main goal of the competition program:

Provide additional volume/intensity and skill work that Crossfit competitors need and have ALL MEMBERS train together.

The Competition Program will be layered on top of the 201 Class. All members, competitors or general fitness, do the 201 class together.

201 is the meat, competition program is all that extra fancy stuff around it. Thanks Greg for the picture!

What will a 90 minute class look like?

The Competition program is built around the 201 class. For competitors, there will be extra training before and after the 201 class. Expect your training sessions to take 90 minutes.

This is just a hypothetical example, using today’s workout and a 5:30 PM evening class.

5:15 PM – Warm up on your own (tailoring your warmup will be one of the first topics covered in the comp class)
3 rounds skill work, no timer:
1-5 Muscle Ups (or developmental drills)
10m Handstand Walking (or prep work)
7 Pistols/leg
(in place of Custom Goals Training)

While the comp athletes have started earlier with their warm up and skill work, at 5:30 PM, the 201 class is warming up and going over skill work direction for today’s workout.

5:50 PM – comp and 201 members get together and do the workout together.

Strength, strength endurance
A. Deadlift: 1 rep EMOM@20X2 for 6 min; use 85%1RM
notes-perfect reps only!
B. AMRAP in 7 min:
5 Power Cleans @90%1RM
15 Ring Dips

6:20 PM – 201 is winding down and cooling down. Comp athletes have another component to complete.

(additional training)
rest exactly 3 minutes, then:
AMRAP Muscle Ups in 60 sec
rest 1 min
100 Double Unders
rest 1 min
AMRAP Muscle Ups in 60 sec

Competitors Training Class, Friday 5:30 PM

There will also be a weekly competitors training class. This class is focused on the competition and sport side of CrossFit.

The time in this class will be used for skill development (ie. diving into technique differences between weightlifting 1 RM versus many reps at light reps), discussions on topics related to preparation for movements, strategy, and competition.

It is also a time to gather our thoughts for the past week and upcoming week of training. As much as the coaches can help you, do not underestimated the power of your fellow members and their experiences. Their insights can be very helpful.

1) What days will the workouts be?

The training days will be Mon, Wed, Friday, and Saturday. Tuesday is an optional 5th day.
Thu and Sun will be the regular rest days.

M,W will be the 201 class plus extra work, while Friday will be the coached Comp class at 5:30 PM. The Friday workout will be different from the 201 class.

If you can’t make the 5:30 comp class, you’ll do the comp workout during one of the other classes on your own. However, try to make the comp class!!!

Take your rest days seriously. Mobility/Z1 activities are a good idea but other than that, you’ll want to be recharged come Monday.

2) Will the extra work before and after of the workout be coached?

The parts you do in addition to the 201 class will be on your own (along with the other comp athletes in your class). The coach will not be officially coaching after the 201 class ends.

3) What if I sometimes can’t stay to do the extra work?

Life happens to all of us. If it just happens once in a while, just move on and think of it as extra recovery.

4) What’s next?

There will be a kickoff meeting talking about the whole program this Saturday at 11am. If you plan to do the comp WODs, I would highly encourage you to attend. However, the date is tentative, as our baby’s due date is just after this weekend.

XX will keep you posted on any developments if we need to postpone.

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