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This is the start of a new series focused on what this community and its members are doing. If you have an event or an idea you would like share with everyone at CrossFit Portland, send it to me and I’ll see if it can be included in the next run.

1) Meaghen is moving! Thank goodness it is not far away and just in Portland. She is moving this Saturday/Sunday and what better to ask for help then fellow CrossFitters who like to move heavy loads over broad time and modal domains. She is looking for a few people and if anyone has a truck, that would be killer too.

Post to comments if you can help. I’ve volunteered – pretty sure I have a Z1 workout this weekend and moving will be perfect for that 🙂

2) Ted “Extra Abs” is doing something pretty crazy. 12 CrossFit Hero workouts in 12 hours , August 18th, 7 AM to 7 PM, at CrossFit Portland. Funds raised go to men and women who have been wounded serving our country.

Make a $25 donation towards his effort and join him for a workout or two on this epic physical experience.

3) Greg Hinzmann has been up to some serious good lately. If you don’t know Greg, he comes to the gym in the most well-designed, aesthetically pleasing gym bag I’ve ever seen.

Greg has a Kick Starter project that you absolutely need to check out!

He has been working on developing his own product for a while and just launched it on Kickstarter. He would really appreciate it if you would check it out and even share it with anyone you think might be interested. He is off to a great start, but welcomes any support he can get.

Remember, if you have something for the Hit List, send it my way. Thanks!

8 Comments on “Community Action Hit List”

  1. Greg, fantastic looking product! Ever thought about trying to get on Shark Tank?

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Xi Xia.

    Ted- Yes, but that’s after I have some initial sales. Twelve hero WODs in 12 hours! Wish I could be there to join in for a WOD. Very cool thing to do for a great cause.

    Anton- Thanks!

  3. Greg – awesome awesome idea. All three primary functions are areas that current flashlights lack in the market. Great looking design as well. I’ve shared it on my social media platforms. I wish you luck!


  4. Ted, can you put a larger call to action on your website? It wasn’t clear to me what link I should click on to contribute.

  5. Nice design, Greg! As an EE/hobbyist, I know the majority of your work went into the ugly stuff inside, so that’s a very impressive accomplishment.

    Meaghen – I have 2 pickups (little one, big one set up for pulling trailers) and I’d be glad to help. Let us all know when/where!

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