Christine Found A Jump Rope

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Karaoke Wednesday (August 11) at Chopsticks 3, two weeks from now. Jess will be on break from school and is DYING to go again. Is that a good week for you?

A. Deadlift: 12 x 1 @ 70% 1RM @ 21X1. One rep on the minute.
3 rounds for time:
100 Double Unders
12 Deadlifts @ 55% 1RM
21 Box jumps 20″/24″

Those of you familiar with “Christine” will appreciate this workout today. Those double unders can get pretty interesting on round 3.


Wrist pushups x 10
Elbow rotations x 10/10

11 Comments on “Christine Found A Jump Rope”

  1. DL: 285
    Metcon: 17:16, DL @ 225

    The double unders were interesting at the end of round 1…
    Awesome class this morning

  2. Well, my double unders stopped being interesting after the first 20 or so.

    DL: 225
    WOD: 14:02
    First round was 50 DLs and 100 singles, round 2 was 200 singles, round 3 was 10 doubles and 190 singles.
    Box was about 22″
    DLs were 175lbs.

  3. man…this is going to suck, 3 rounds of 12 at 275# plus 300 double unders and 63 box jumps, oh yeah, after doing 12 reps at 350#

    i hope there aren’t any deadlifts at the Beaverton comp tomorrow!

  4. Im in for the Karaoke on the 11th as audience…if someone sees me singin be sure to call me a cab.

  5. My body is tired after today’s WOD! I have a bacherlorette party the night of the 11th, so it depends on how late it runs… 🙂

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  7. DL: 112/122

    Metcon: 27:00, DL @ 42; single jump ropes, 16 in box.

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