Coach Sean Is Leaving And Not Leaving

Xi XiaNews

In a recent phone conversation with my brother, we spoke about my job here at Crossfit Portland. Specifically, he wanted to know what it was about Crossfit that initially interested me. His partner has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and he wondered why I did not choose to work in a more traditional gym environment. To answer … Read More

The Ankle Bone Is Connected to the Leg Bone

Xi XiaNews

We start at the ground, and work our way up. We’re using the Janda Short Foot drill to help you develop a strong, grounded foot. The next piece in the squat puzzle, from the ground up, is the ankle. Many of us have sprained our ankles* in the past. Many of us have tight, relatively immobile ankles due to our … Read More

CrossFit Competition Program Peaking for August


Several of the members of our Competition Program have signed up to compete in late August. This post will give some detail as to how they’ll be training leading up to either the Oregon Summer Games or the CrossFit 45 Summer Showdown. To give a bit of context, here’s brief review of the training they’ve done up to this point. … Read More

Why So Much Short Foot


We’re about 2 weeks into our 8 week “Squatty Potty” block. Some of you might have noticed a change in your ability to squat. Some of you undoubtedly are trying to figure out the method to the madness. I’m here to shed some light on the question of why for the programing. Our warmups for the remainder of the block … Read More