Georgia Fountas, Massage Therapist At CrossFit Portland

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Georgia has established her massage therapy practice right at CrossFit Portland! She is great and has been working with members already. Here is her bio. Text/call 443-825-0562 or email: to set up appointments. Georgia has been skillfully and happily working muscles since 1999. A NY native, she transplanted herself to Portland in 2012 (by way of Florida and Maryland) … Read More

What To Bring To A Fitness Competition


4 Male Spots available for Spark Competition this Saturday. So you’ve decided to sign up for a fitness competition. I’ve been a ton of these things, both as an athlete and as a coach, and I wanted to share some advice on how to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. There are many, many articles out there about the … Read More

10 Fundamentals To Getting Stronger On A Strength Program


Beginning a strength focused program? Here’s some points to consider: 1) Sleep! This is number one. Sleep is the most anabolic thing you can do outside of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. When you sleep, your CNS (central nervous system) recovers. More sleep means your CNS will be able to send stronger signals to lift bigger weights. Good sleep also leads to … Read More

August – From The Office

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Last month, I started this monthly post titled “From the Office”. Here is a reminder of what it is intended to be. “I am going to write an update every month on gym related matters. It will be a gift basket of announcements, training thoughts, gym business matters, and I’m going to try to keep it personal so its not … Read More