The Get Up, The Windmill, and Your Shoulder Health

Xi XiaNews

If you review the 201 class programming over the past year so, you might notice a bit of a trend (actually, several trends like it is far from random, consistent themes every 8-12 weeks, workouts that repeat and build every week). One of the things that has been repeated and repeated has been the Kettlebell Windmill movement. You’ve seen lightweight … Read More

“@4040” or I’m going to be sore in the morning


If you’ve been paying close attention during the last block(s), you might notice something beside the shortest written workouts tend to be the toughest. No, there’s a little programming detail in the WODs at the start of the recent blocks that you might be curious about. Those awesome, slow tempo eccentric/concentric lifts. Simply put, in weightlifting, an eccentric contraction is … Read More

Perfect is an Illusion


“The person that said ‘practice makes perfect’ doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Perfect is an illusion created by people who always want to be disappointed in themselves. PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!!” – Zach Anner We’re diving back into your shoulders! For those you who were here last year, right about now we would have been finishing our experiments with Sumo … Read More