We Launch a 1-Year training plan in August

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In the first week of August, Blue Ox will kick off a yearly training plan built around 6 benchmarks. Scott and I believe if you train these 6 benchmarks year after year, you’ll become a capable and generally happier human being. The schedule and details are at the end of this email. Over the next two weeks, Scott will explain … Read More

CrossFit Open 16.5 Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

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Initial Thoughts & General Comments Each year at the end of the Open, I reflect on what I’ve learned. And this year, perhaps belatedly, I’ve finally learned that I should never hold too tightly the guidelines that I perceive Dave Castro to be following when developing the workouts. I was one who thought that rowing would never show up in … Read More

CrossFit Open 16.4 Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

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Initial Thoughts & General Comments In an event designed as 16.4 is, the most attention should be paid towards developing a solid plan for the earlier movements, and less so on the later ones. While you want to have a good idea of how you’ll attack the row, and what you’re capable of on handstand push-ups, you need to ensure … Read More