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“Murph” this Friday at 5:30 pm! No Saturday classes this weekend (CrossFit Nutrition Seminar with Robb Wolf)

1) practice safety vaults, speed vaults, lazy vaults, monkey vaults

2) KB sequence (thanks, Chip!)
AMRAP in 10 min:
8 one arm swings L
8 lateral swings
8 one arm swings R
8 lateral swings (opp)
8 swings to halos


Wrist series
shinbox work

Good timing with working out with kettlebells. Brock is on his travels along the east coast and was at Seacoast Kettlebells, a Crossfit affiliate in Dover, New Hamshire. Where to next Brock? Wishing you happy and safe travels and keeping sending us pics!

Precision jumps are a great way to warm up and it is different every time!

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