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1) Ido Portal Intensive Training starts tomorrow morning, 9:30 AM. One spot left

Ido works on his “pressing” strength,

2) Lost and Found, take a look through it at the gym, we donate what ever is left after this weekend

“A1. Back Squat: 2 x 5 @70%, rest 90 sec
A2. No Ft Rope Climb: 2 x 3, rest 10 sec b/t climbs and 90 sec when done.
5 Rounds for max round speed:
10 KB Swings (heavy!)
15 Box Jumps 24/20″”
rest 2 min”


“50 steps heel walk
50 steps blade walk
50 steps instep walk
Squat sequence 1-2 more times.”

Thursday, 6:30 PM, plenty of space available…is there some new TV series on Thursdays keeping you from training?

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  1. Thursday is my rest day.


    Who is that sexy, sexy man in the foreground? The one with the power wrists?

  2. Hey! Yet another friday “rest” day – by “rest” I mean I slept through my alarm. I take that to mean that I am probably nearing the “overdoing it” phase. Given that I am going to be doing free standing planche presses by the end of the weekend, I probably do need a little bit of not gym time.

    I have the “One of these kids is doing his own thing” song stuck in my head from that pic. From the side, it totally looks like I could have done last night’s WOD with the Rx weight.

  3. If you happen to have a PHD from Florida, you should definitely watch tomorrow’s football game.

    Gator. Skin. Helmets.

    Also, I might have to play kickball, just to wear cheetah print cleats.

  4. A co-worker just came back to the office with a beer.. 2 hours until I leave for the gym.. this is going to hurt.

  5. Yeah, writing software means we can do whatever we want most days, hooray!

    I’m sure we can find you a spot Ken!

  6. I probably wouldn’t be a good hire for that unless you didn’t care if the software worked or not.

  7. Fri WOD
    Snatch – 154x1x3, 165x1x3, 176x1x3
    3 rounds
    15 HPC – 135#
    15 Burpees

    Sat WOD – Westin Bonaventiure – L.A.
    AMARAP 12 min
    5 strict pull-ups
    5/5 T-Push ups
    15 DB swings – 50#
    7 rounds + 1 pull up

    USC is 23-6-1 all time against the Ducks at home, hoping we go against history tonight.

  8. Day one of the workshop report. In short, awesome. Difficult and incredibly fun. I am not nearly as strong or as flexi as I want to and should be.

    Lunch was brilliant. Rodney makes a badass plate.

    More work showing that I should probably be stronger and more coordinated.

    Tomorrow? Probably rockin

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