Ben S. – 355# Split Jerk, A Lifetime PR!

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Ben S., headband connoisseur, has been doing Individual Programming with Scotty for 7 months now. He’s made some great gains recently and we wanted to share his feats!

Ben just made a 20# split jerk lifetime PR!

In a brief email to Scotty (prior to his 355# PR), Ben writes:

“Here’s a vid of split jerk at 345. 10# lifetime pr. I got to the gym too late to use the blocks so just built to a 1RM instead of the clusters.

As an aside I want to say that I’m really seeing the dividends of all the base work we’ve done. Not only have my lifts improved (jerk was always a big, big weakness for me), but I can tell a huge difference in breathing. The heavy KBS/Airdyne intervals were aerobic the whole time and never dipped into anaerobic region with about 45 sec to spare each set (it was a legit 90% aerobic).

Thanks for all the hard work you put into the program.

I’ll happily attest to the efficacy of the programming, I can tell a huge difference in all facets of the sport.”

Base work for conditioning is like the countless hours of shooting practice a basketball player puts in. It’s not so fun or sexy but its the work you do to make yourself better on game day.

In this context, base work are long bouts of low intensity aerobic conditioning. Heart rate is determined from assessments but typically 120-150 are the zones.

Way to go Ben! Keep on keepin’ on!

If you’re interested in doing Individual Programming with Scotty, let us know asap. He can take on 1 more client. Contact for more info!

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