Basic & Advanced CrossFit Skills Workshop


On Sunday, March 1st, I’m running two skills workshops, the basic one from 12pm to 1, and the advanced one from 1 to 2. You can sign up for one or both here. 

Also, 28% off Personal Training Package from me. I am offering a package to improve your skills with personal training + one personalized workout you can do on your own to make progress.  $50 for a 1/2 hour session and one personalized workout plan. Normally, $70. Offer expires March 2nd. New clients only, 1 per client. Contact me at to get this set up!

Something I have noticed in the gym is that there is a lot of “playing” that goes on before and after workouts.

By playing, I mean people testing out and messing around with skill movements that they have seen. Or, they have done a couple times before, but which they are not 100% sure of how to do just yet. This play is mostly “freestyling” – some jump roping, a kip or two here or there, occasionally someone will try a muscle-up without warming up at all…

I think play is great, and an important part of and discovering how your body works. And truthfully, a few of the “a-ha!” moments I have had with particular movements have come from just messing around with them when I had a free moment.

This freestyling could be even more productive for you with just a few tweaks! Who wants to be more productive?

For many technical movements, it is easy to know what a good rep looks like, but the full movement is hard to perform without an understanding of how it actually happens (beyond “It just does”). If I amm just replicating the look in my play, without having a general idea of the how, I will be stuck spinning my wheels at the same sticking point for a long time.

My goal then with the skills workshops is to give insight into the how of certain movements, giving structure to that play so that it can start to be more productive.

Do you know why the rope keeps hitting your feet? Or why your kipping pull-ups feel so “wonky” when others can bust out dozens of smooth reps? Or how to make performing single leg squat go from an impossibility to a reality? These workshops will provide the tools to start addressing those things.

Once you know how to productively play, you will find those couple of minutes you spend freestyling pre and post workout to actually be more enjoyable. It’s fun to work on skills, but it is even more fun to work on skills and then get them!